Forthcoming releases and news…

So, its been rather a long time since my last post. We have been very working on setting up a contract resin casting side to the business and continuing to grow the large scale railway range. Both of these have eaten up a lot of our time. The contract casting side is coming along nicely – for those who like to know these things, we have both vacuum and pressure capabilities – and now produce all of our resin products in house.

However, we have not been completely away from the terrain side of things. With the imminent release of Crocodile Games’ Wargods of Olympus (click HERE for more info) ruleboook we have completed the Minoan range with a set of ruined colonnade pieces. I have proved the moulds today and the first test shots have gone to the studio for photography.

We have also been in negotiation with a figure production company to support their next Kickstarter campaign with terrain range. Although agreements have been signed I can’t say more at the moment, but I hope to have images of the first few pieces over the next few weeks. This project is very close to our hearts – the subject material has always been among our favourites so we hope that you guys will be as pleased with the final product as we are.

Once the Kickstarter is completed we hope to be turning our attention to our first future war/ sci-fi range. We are in the initial stages of the design process and I’m sure that concept sketches and roughs will follow.

As ever, we are pleased to receive any questions of comments and you can contact us HERE.


New releases – Ruined Minoan Temple and Fallen Column bases

After a few weeks battling the heat and humidity in an effort to meet our contract casting obligations we have managed to eek out a few hours to throw some rubber and resin for our own projects. So…

We are finally pleased to announce the release of the next parts of our Minoan scenery range – The Ruined Minoan Temple and The Fallen Columns.

The Ruined temple is a 2 piece kit, consisting of a base and seperate columns and colonnade, and would make an ideal centre piece on any table. This model is now on sale costing £35 (plus p&p).

The fallen columns are available as individual bases at £5 (plus p&p) or as a set of three for £12.50 (plus p&p) and can be used to add character to your table while providing low level cover.

Ordering information can be found here.

Now that we are something approaching back on track, I hope to be able to do some colouring in towards the end of the week, and put some painted photos up next weekend.


Work In Progress – Cretan/Minoan Ruins


Work has been continuing apace on the second release of Cretan/Minoan scenery. The masters need a little tickle around to make them more mould friendly, but are 99% complete. There won’t be any noticeable changes!

The ruined temple will be a two piece kit, while the fallen columns are single castings and will be available as individual pieces.

These items should be ready for release by the end of next week.


New terrain release – Minoan temple

Coinciding with Crocodile Games forthcoming War Gods of Olympus releases we are pleased to announce the release of the first in our Minoan scenery range.

The Minoan Temple is supplied as a kit of 14 resin parts and draws its architectural influence from the ruins of Knossos on the island of Crete.

This kit is supplied with a choice of throne or altar to act as the centre piece of the temple. Further options are in the pipeline…

We are currently working through the rest of the range, with smaller pieces including fallen columns, a ruined version of the temple, and a multi-piece colonnade coming soon.

Photos of these are to follow in the next few days, but until then here a couple of the concept sketches that we use to guide us…

The temple is available to order now at £40 plus postage and packing

New terrain releases – Dungeon system

Terrain at ModelEarth are pleased to announce the release of their modular dungeon floor system, suitable for any dungeon gaming system. Available in individual packs or as a Starter Pack to get you going

DS-001 Standard straight (Pack of two) £7.50 (plus postage and packaging)       W: 80mm D: 180mm H: 7mm Supplied unpainted

DS-002 Standard Corner (Pack of two) £7.50 (plus postage and packaging)         W: 100mm D: 100mm H: 7mm Supplied unpainted

DS-003 Standard T-Section (Pack of two) £7.50 (plus postage and packaging)       W: 120mm D: 100mm H: 7mm Supplied unpainted

DS-004 Standard Crossroad (Pack of two) £7.50 (plus postage and packaging)       W: 120mm D: 120mm H: 7mm Supplied unpainted

DS-005 Standard small room (Pack of one) £7.50 (plus postage and packaging)     W: 140mm D: 140mm H: 7mm Supplied unpainted

Dungeon Starter Pack

The Dungeon Start Pack consists of:

DSP-001 £50.00 (plus postage and packaging)

Serving suggestion…

We have painted two sets – one to represent an old world wet, slimy dungeon and one to be used in a dry, dusty setting such as one might find under the pyramids of Ancient Egypt.

Old world dungeon painted by Matt

Egyptian-ish dungeon painted by Si

Available to order

Download our catalogue: terrain catalogue 28.06.2015

New terrain releases – Vignette bases

Cast in polyurethane resin, these bases are ideal for basing your miniatures for display purposes or as small items of scenery on your battlefield.

V-001 £5.00 (plus postage and packaging) W: 80mm D: 65mm H: 20mm  Supplied unpainted. Black base for illustrative purposes only.

V-002 £5.00 (plus postage and packaging) W: 80mm D: 75mm H: 20mm Supplied unpainted. Black base for illustrative purposes only.

V-003 £7.50 (plus postage and packaging) W: 95mm D: 75mm H: 50mm Supplied unpainted. Black base for illustrative purposes only.

V-004 £7.50 (plus postage and packaging) W: 105mm D: 75mm H: 40mm Supplied unpainted. Black base for illustrative purposes only.

V-005 £7.50 (plus postage and packaging) W: 150mm D: 105mm H: 25mm Supplied unpainted. Black base for illustrative purposes only.

Available for order now

Download our catalogue: terrain catalogue 28.06.2015