New website goes live

We have been aware of the need for a stronger web presence for some time. We have finally got our new website up and running. Please click here to be transported to our new home.

We will continue to update this blog as haphazardly as ever for some time so please keep coming back to see where we are.



Halfling Kickstarter goes live…


Our collaboration with Westfalia Fantasy Battles has come to its fruition! The Second Breakfast Kickstarter starts tomorrow. The figures are every bit as beautiful as those in the original Kickstarter, which can be viewed here. If you missed it they are now available in Westfalia’s online shop.

While Westfalia’s putty pushers have been creating lots of lovely new little people we have been hard at work realising the ¬†Shire in miniature.

Halfling hole fronts

Halfling hovels

The Goatery

When the last of the Kickstarter pledges have been delivered these items will be available from our webshop.