Accusations of impropriety – A response

In response to comments made by Sally White (wife of Kev White of Hasslefree Miniatures) on Westfalia Fantasy Battle’s Facebook page we feel that we should state our position regarding the importance of confidentiality, respect of IP and work rights, integrity, and honesty. We have decided to post this here as such comments are not appropriate on the product page of a third manufacturer – in fact we feel that it is downright disrespectful to conduct such discussions in this manner.

As a model making company with decades of experience we have worked with a number of miniature and games manufacturers, ranging from the small cottage industry (like Hasslefree) to multi-million pound, multinationals (like Forge World and Rackham).

We have worked in two different ways with these companies. For example the work rights of the products that we originated for Forge World were transferred to Forge World. We have never cast or sold any of those pieces. The work rights associated with the product produced for smaller companies remain with Model Earth Design. The main reason for this arrangement is financial. Smaller companies cannot afford to pay the mastering costs (and bear the risks) associated with even a limited terrain range, whereas the financial might that Forge World carry gives them the freedom to take the risk.

Throughout our time we have produced numerous sub-masters and textures while creating ranges. These are all still in existence in our storage unit. At no point have we ever, or would we ever, reuse or resell these to another client. This is a matter of integrity. If our clients cannot trust that we will respect their intellectual property rights then we are on a slippery slope.

The work rights are, as the name suggests, the rights to financially exploit the work. None of pieces that we have ever produced have been limited edition – clearly we wish to sell as much product as possible. Why would we limit our opportunities?

While in the design stages of creating new pieces we are often privy to confidential information, art work and business planning. At no time have we ever abused these confidences. When ascribing the various rights associated with terrain pieces we, as a standard, recognise that our collaborators own the creation of worlds, background, and environments. We have never used the name of another manufacturers figure range, game, fantasy world or any part of their intellectual property without their explicit prior consent.

We deeply resent having our reputation impugned by accusations of impropriety and dishonesty. First, and foremost, our reputation is one based on integrity and we are prepared to defend that reputation whenever necessary.

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