Forthcoming releases and news…

So, its been rather a long time since my last post. We have been very working on setting up a contract resin casting side to the business and continuing to grow the large scale railway range. Both of these have eaten up a lot of our time. The contract casting side is coming along nicely – for those who like to know these things, we have both vacuum and pressure capabilities – and now produce all of our resin products in house.

However, we have not been completely away from the terrain side of things. With the imminent release of Crocodile Games’ Wargods of Olympus (click HERE for more info) ruleboook we have completed the Minoan range with a set of ruined colonnade pieces. I have proved the moulds today and the first test shots have gone to the studio for photography.

We have also been in negotiation with a figure production company to support their next Kickstarter campaign with terrain range. Although agreements have been signed I can’t say more at the moment, but I hope to have images of the first few pieces over the next few weeks. This project is very close to our hearts – the subject material has always been among our favourites so we hope that you guys will be as pleased with the final product as we are.

Once the Kickstarter is completed we hope to be turning our attention to our first future war/ sci-fi range. We are in the initial stages of the design process and I’m sure that concept sketches and roughs will follow.

As ever, we are pleased to receive any questions of comments and you can contact us HERE.


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