New releases – Ruined Minoan Temple and Fallen Column bases

After a few weeks battling the heat and humidity in an effort to meet our contract casting obligations we have managed to eek out a few hours to throw some rubber and resin for our own projects. So…

We are finally pleased to announce the release of the next parts of our Minoan scenery range – The Ruined Minoan Temple and The Fallen Columns.

The Ruined temple is a 2 piece kit, consisting of a base and seperate columns and colonnade, and would make an ideal centre piece on any table. This model is now on sale costing £35 (plus p&p).

The fallen columns are available as individual bases at £5 (plus p&p) or as a set of three for £12.50 (plus p&p) and can be used to add character to your table while providing low level cover.

Ordering information can be found here.

Now that we are something approaching back on track, I hope to be able to do some colouring in towards the end of the week, and put some painted photos up next weekend.